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Spinup Rebuild

Rebuild binary dependecies when starting your app


npm install spinup-rebuild


var should = require('should') var spinupRebuild = require('spinup-rebuild') var inspect = require('eyespect').inspector() rebuildAndStart(function(err) { should.not.exist(err, 'error rebuilding and starting application: ' + JSON.stringify(err)) inspect('startup complete') }) function rebuildAndStart(cb) { spinupRebuild(function(err) { if (err) { return cb(err) } console.log('rebuild complete') // now start the rest of your application which depends on binary modules

// for example memwatch will only work if it has been compiled for your target platform var memwatch = require('memwatch') start(cb) })


  • Trivial startup function which just takes a heap dump and returns
  • This is just meant to illustrate using a binary module which must be compiled before your app can fun */ function start(cb) { var hd = new memwatch.HeapDiff(); var diff = hd.end(); inspect(diff, 'heap diff') cb() }