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Spine Runtimes

This GitHub project hosts the Spine Runtimes which are needed to use Spine 2D skeletal animation data with various game toolkits.


You are welcome to evaluate the Spine Runtimes and the examples we provide in this repository free of charge.

You can integrate the Spine Runtimes into your software free of charge, but users of your software must have their own Spine license. Please make your users aware of this requirement! This option is often chosen by those making development tools, such as an SDK, game toolkit, or software library.

In order to distribute your software containing the Spine Runtimes to others that don't have a Spine license, you need a Spine license at the time of integration. Then you can distribute your software containing the Spine Runtimes however you like, provided others don't modify it or use it to create new software. If others want to do that, they'll need their own Spine license.

For the official legal terms governing the Spine Runtimes, please read the Spine Runtimes License Agreement and Section 2 of the Spine Editor License Agreement.


See the Spine Runtimes Guide for detailed information about using the Spine Runtimes. The Spine documentation page provides further information about tools and data formats. For runtime specific documentation, refer to the README.md file in each runtime directory.

Bugs, enhancements, and tasks

Review our backlog of bugs, enhancements, and tasks in the spine-runtimes and spine-editor issue trackers. Our roadmap provides a more convenient view of the same issue tracker information.


The default branch on GitHub is stable and works with data exported from the latest, non-beta version of the Spine editor. New development is done in an X.X-beta branch, which may be a work in progress. Important changes to the runtimes can be reviewed in the CHANGELOG.md file. Occasionally the Spine Runtimes are tagged with the specific Spine editor version they work with.

It is highly suggested to freeze the Spine editor version to match the Spine Runtimes source being used and to update them in lock step. See the Spine Runtimes Guide for more information.


In order to merge your contributions, we need a signed contributor license agreement (CLA) from you. You can send a copy of the CLA to contact@esotericsoftware.com.

When possible, it is best to base your contributions on the current beta branch (X.X-beta). Please be sure to follow the style and formatting you find in the respective runtime code to which you are contributing.

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