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    Sphero Connector IPC

    Sphero Connector IPC

    This is a small CLI tool to run an node-ipc based inter-process-communication service for connecting and controlling Sphero toys via IPC messages. It uses Sphero Connector Core, a tiny wrapper around the unofficial Sphero V2 API for communicating with Sphero toys.

    Getting Started

    Install Sphero-Connector-IPC via npm:

    npm install --save sphero-connector-ipc

    Add npm run script to your package.json:

      "scripts": {
        "sphero-connector-ipc": "sphero-connector-ipc"

    Add the following section to your package.json:

      "sphero-connector": {
        "type": "ipc"

    Finally, run npm run sphero-connector-ipc and sphero-connector-ipc will start an ipc service with id sphero-ipc-server listening for ipc messages.


    Service ID

    By default, the ipc services started by sphero-connector-ipc is named sphero-ipc-server. You can change the service id in the sphero-connector section of your package.json as follows:

      "sphero-connector": {
        "type": "ipc",
        "serviceId": "my-custom-service-id"

    Note: valid serviceId values must be strings from 5 to 30 characters.

    Connect with toy on startup

    To auto-connect with a Sphero toy on start, you can specify the toy type and name in your package.json.

      "sphero-connector": {
        "type": "ipc",
        "connectOnStart": {
          "toyType": "SpheroMini",
          "toyName": "SM-0815"

    Valid values for toyType are: SpheroMini, LightningMcQueen, R2D2, R2Q5, BB9E. The toyName option is currently only supported for toyType: "SpheroMini".

    Supported IPC messages

    • connectSpheroMini
    • connectSpheroMiniWithName (toyName: string)
    • connectLightningMcQueen
    • connectR2D2
    • connectR2Q5
    • connectBB9E
    • wake
    • sleep
    • setMainLedColor (hexColor: string)

    Example: Connect Sphero Mini and set main LED to red

    const ipc = require('node-ipc');
    const delay = require('delay');
    ipc.config.id = 'my-sphero-ipc-client';
    ipc.config.retry = 1500;
    ipc.config.silent = true;
    ipc.connectTo('sphero-ipc-server', () => {
      ipc.of['sphero-ipc-server'].on('connect', async () => {
        await delay(10000);
        ipc.of['sphero-ipc-server'].emit('setMainLedColor', '#FF0000');


    Please be aware of the licenses of the components used in this project. Everything else that has been developed by the contributions to this project is under MIT License.


    npm i sphero-connector-ipc

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