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    SharePoint Framework Helper

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    SharePoint Framework Helper

    In the need to develop the solution faster and easier I have created a npm package, which will give you the flexibility to enjoy the much used logic handy and easy when writing code for SharePoint framework client side webparts or SharePoint framework extensions.

    This npm package contains the most commonly used functions or I should say the operations that are used almost in every SPFx client side webpart or SPFx extensions. Using this npm package you can create your webparts much more easily and faster. This is very simple and handy.

    This npm package code is also available on GitHub so if you are interested you can have a look at the implementation as well, or even you can request for the addition of new methods that you feel might help others as well.

    Why to use ?

    • This library contains handy functions that will save lot of man hours in implementing
    • Well designed results so it will help in writing the code efficiently
    • Well broken into the type of operation, so include only the class that is most useful to you

    How to use ?

    To install the package execute the below command

    > npm i spfxhelper

    And then import the following in the code file

    import { "CLASS_NAME" } from 'spfxhelper';

    Inside the library

    • This library contains a number of classes


    This class contains all the methods that are responsible for the interaction of the SharePoint List.

    Methods Description
    createFolderInDocLib creates the folder in document library
    createFolderInList creates the folder in list
    createList creates the list
    createListItem creates the list item
    getContentTypesByList Returns the content types associated with the list
    getInstance returns the instance of the class
    getListBytitle returns the list details by title
    getListItemByID get the list items based on the item ID
    getListItems returns all the list items based on the row count. If row count is not provided will return max i.e.. 100
    getListItemsByNextLink returns the items based on the next link provided
    getListItemsByQuery get the list items based on the query parameter
    getListMetadata returns the list metadata required to create the list
    getListsDetailsByBaseTemplateID Returns the lists based on the template ID
    getViewsByList Returns the lists views
    getDefaultView Returns the default view of the list
    updateListItem updates the list item
    getLibraryItemByFileID returns the file for that specified file ID
    getLibraryItems returns all the files from the document library


    This is the class responsible for the operations related to SharePoint Fields.

    Methods Description
    addColumnToList add the column to the list
    addFieldToView adds the field to the view in the list
    addSiteColumnToList adds the site column to the list
    createListColumn creates the list column
    createSiteColumn creates the site column
    getColumnMetadata returns the column metadata required for the creation of the column
    getFieldByList returns the field details from the list
    getFieldBySite returns the fields details of the site column
    getFieldByView returns the field details by view
    getFieldsByList returns all the fields associated with the list
    getFieldsByView returns all the fields associated with view in a list


    This class is the extension of the base class where one can query the API's which are not available as methods in other classes

    Methods Description
    getDocIconByFiles returns the OOB icons for the file types
    getInstance returns the instance of the class
    queryGETResquest method to query any custom query with 'GET' verb
    queryMERGERequest method to query any custom query with 'MERGE' verb
    queryPATCHRequest method to query any custom query with 'PATCH' verb
    queryPOSTRequest method to query any custom query with 'POST' verb

    SPCore (renamed from SPHelperCommon)

    This class contains only static methods and contains the helper methods

    Methods Description
    calculateAge returns the age from the specified date
    getFieldInternalName returns the internal name of the field (removes the x0020)
    getLocalStorage returns the local storage object
    getParameterValue returns the parameter value from URL
    isEmptyString checks for the string emptiness
    isNull check for the object null


    This class has been removed from the library. Instead use the OOB class Log in sp-core-library.

    import { Log } from '@microsoft/sp-core-library';

    Use the following methods

    static error(source: string, error: Error, scope?: ServiceScope): void;
    static info(source: string, message: string, scope?: ServiceScope): void;
    static verbose(source: string, message: string, scope?: ServiceScope): void;
    static warn(source: string, message: string, scope?: ServiceScope): void;

    Do share how I can improve this library, so it can help all the SharePoint community

    Happy Coding

    #SharePointWidgets #MicrosoftSharePoint

    Sumit Kanchan


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