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a promise-happy test DSL

stability: experimental

should not be used yet, but comments and feedback welcome!


var speq = require('speq')
var Q = require('q')
var chai = require('chai')

speq('is a test DSL', function (it) {

  it('lets you do all kinds of crazy things', function (it) {

    it('can nest tests arbitrarily')


  it('this test will fail', function () {
    throw new Error('OH NOES!')

  it('lets you use whatever assertion library you want', function () {

  it('supports async tests - just return a promise', function (it) {

    it('this test should fail async', function () {
      return Q.reject(new Error('set sail for fail'))

    it('this test should pass async', function () {
      return Q.resolve()



MIT. (c) 2013 jden See