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A performant flexible set

This lib provides a set that uses a binary tree as data structure. If you are able to hash all or object use a hash set instead, it is faster! If not and you can provide a complete lesser and equality function for your objects you can use this set.

Speed Comparison for insert, find, remove; HashSet is O(1) BinaryTree is O(log(n)) Array is O(n)

$ npm install specialized-set
var equalityFunction = function(a,b){return a == b};
var lesserFunction = function(a,b){return a < b};
var SpecializedSet = require('../')(equalityFunction, lesserFunction);
var set1 = new SpecializedSet(['a', 'd','c','c']);
var set2 = new SpecializedSet(['b','d','e']);
set1.values(); // ['a','c','d','x']; 
set1.minus(new SpecializedSet(['x']))
set1.values(); // ['a','c','d']; 
// or 
SpecializedSet.minus(set1, new SpecializedSet(['x']))
set1.values(); // ['a','c','d']; 
set1.union(set2).values(); // ['a','b','c','d','e']  
// or 
SpecializedSet.union(set1, set2).values(); // ['a','b','c','d','e']  
set1.intersect(set2).values(); // ['d']  
// or 
SpecializedSet.intersect(set1, set2).values(); // ['d']  
set1.equals(set2); // false 
// or 
SpecializedSet.equals(set1, set2)// false 
set1.equals(new SpecializedSet(['a', 'd','c'])); // true