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Simple Natural Language Processing

Circle CI

npm install speakeasy-nlp

Current commands:

  1. *.classify : Roughly determines the action, subject, and owner (posessive object) of a sentence. As of 0.2.2 it also includes verbs, nouns, and adjectives
  2. *.sentiment: A collection of methods to approximate the positive/negative affect of a statement (relative to the whole statement)
  3. *.closest : Uses levenshtein distance to find the best match for a word given an array

var speak = require("./speakeasy-nlp");
// Analyze sentences at a basic level 
// ------------------------------------- // 
speak.classify("What is your name?")             //=> { action: "what", owner: "listener", subject: "name" } 
speak.classify("Do you know what time it is?")   //=> { action: "what", owner: "it", subject: "time" } 
// Sentiment analysis 
// ------------------------------------- // 
speak.sentiment.negativity("I hate your guts")   //=> { score: 1, words: [hate] } 
speak.sentiment.positivity("I love you")         //=> { score: 1, words: [love] } 
speak.sentiment.analyze("I love you, but you smell something aweful")  
// (Negative scores dictate a stronger influence of negative words) 
//=> { score: -1, positive: { ... }, negative: { ... } } 
// Closest word 
// ------------------------------------- // 
speak.closest("node", ["foo", "nodejs", "baz"])     //=> "nodejs" 


The goal of this project is not to be the next final solution for natural language processing. There are plenty of other projects that do a significantly better job of this. SpeakEasy spawned out of another of my projects, Nodebot, as a method of processing user input to simulate the illusion of intelligence.

SpeakEasy's goal is to provide a library for NodeJS to perform simple language processing actions that perform well for 70%-80% of all cases.


speakeasy is released under the MIT License.