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This tool allows you to edit CSS and JavaScript files directly on you local PC and see them update live on your targeted SharePoint Online site.



Office PnP Powershell Commandlets

  1. Install node.js by downloading the installer from the above link (go for version 5.0+).
  2. Install the Office PnP Powershell Commandlets by running powershell as an Administator Install-Module OfficeDevPnP.PowerShell.V16.Commands

Note: Check out the Office PnP link above for me details on the install


  1. Open powershell as an Administrator and run: npm install -g spbrander


Lets say you have a /branding folder on your desktop with your CSS file.

  1. Run Powershell as an Administrator
  2. Change directories into your branding folder ex: `>>cd c:\users\apetersen\desktop\branding`
  3. Temporarily add your CSS file to the SharePoint site so you can make live edits that anyone can see: `>>spbrander -f mystyles.css -u`
  4. You will be prompted for your SharePoint Credentials
  5. When you are done working, hit `Ctrl-C` to stop it.
  6. You will be asked for credentials again so that it can remove your stylesheet from the site.

Programatic Usage

You can require it like any other npm module and use the api programtically in your node.js scripts

var engine = require("spbrander");<siteUrl>).inject(<filepath>);<siteUrl>).addScriptAction(<fileUrl>);