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    Micro library for performing 2D spatial calculations of DOM elements.


    import * as spase from 'spase';


    Class: Point

    A class for defining structure and utilities for 2D vectors.

    Class: Rect

    A class for defining a rectangle on a 2D plane.


    Computes the intersecting rect of one or more elements. If only 1 element is specified, the intersection will be computed against the viewport.

    • @param elements: Element[] — Element(s) to be used to compute the intersecting rect.
    • @return Rect | null — The intersecting rect.

    Rect.from(target[, options])

    Gets the combined rect of one or more elements.

    • @param target: Rect | Window | Element | Element[] — An element or array of elements to compute the combined rect.
    • @param options — Additional options.
    • @param options.reference: Window | Element | undefined — The element whose coordinate space the computed top, right, bottom and left values are relative to.
    • @param options.overflow: boolean - Specifies whether the overflow width/height should be accounted for.
    • @return Rect | null — The combined rect.


    Gets the rect of the viewport (current field of view). Think of this as the rect of the current window.

    • @return Rect — The rect of the viewport.

    Class: Size

    A class for defining structure and utilities for sizes.

    hitTest(obj1, obj2)

    Hit-tests 2 objects. These objects can either be a single point, Rect instance(s) or Element instance(s).

    • @param obj1: Rect | Element | Element[] | Point | readonly [number number] | Readonly<{ x: number; y: number; }> | Rect[] — First object.
    • @param obj2: Rect | Element | Element[] | Point | Rect[] — Second object.
    • @return booleantrue if test passes, false otherwise.


    Note that this library is intended to be used for 2D DOM elements only. If an element has transform styles applied to it, the top, right, bottom and left properties will be obscured. This is because the underlying method of calculating these values depends on the getBoundingClientRect function.

    Breaking Changes


    • Widths and heights now use offsetWidth and offsetHeight when applicable.


    • API changes: getIntersectRect, getRect, and getViewportRect are now static members of Rect class, as Rect.intersecting, Rect.from, and Rect.fromViewport, respectively.


    npm i spase

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