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    1. Overview
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    A simplified uniform parser tree capable of describing every programming language. This provides two immediate benefits:

    1. All languages are described using an identical data structure.
    2. An entire file can be described in a single parse tree even if comprised of various different languages.

    Standard Format

    I call the standard output format the Universal Parse Model. It is a simple means to describe any structured programming language.

    Before diving into this application it might help to have a quick background in what parsers are and their related terminology.

    Technical Documentation

    Please review the technical documentation to learn how to execute, embed, format input, and interpret output.

    Supported Languages

    A list of supplied lexers and their various dedicated language support as indicated through use of logic with options.language. Other languages may be supported without dedicated logic.

    45 total languages.



    This application is written in TypeScript, which requires NodeJS and a global installation of TypeScript. The optional validation build also requires ESLint. First, let's install these:

    npm install -g typescript
    npm install -g eslint

    Get the Code

    Second, we need to get the code. We can get this directly from Github:

    git clone
    cd sparser

    Or, we can get the code from NPM:

    npm install sparser
    cd node_modules/sparser

    Please note the NPM package contains both the TypeScript and the built JavaScript files, so it is ready to execute immediately without any additional build or compile step.

    TypeScript Build

    Finally, we need to run the TypeScript build to convert the code from TypeScript to JavaScript:

    tsc --pretty
    node js/services build


    If you wish to run the test suite:

    node js/services test

    Or simply:

    npm test


    npm i sparser


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