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JavaScript SPARQL parser

SPARQL parser using rdfstore-js code, outputting an N3.js-compatible format.

Warning: beta code

The only SPARQL parser in JavaScript at the moment is part of rdfstore-js. rdfstore-js is known for its extensive feature set, but not for high maintenance or being bug-free.

The sparql-parser module, which you are looking at right now, is a wrapper around the rdfstore-js code. It is much smaller library than rdfstore-js, and it outputs a simpler tree structure. However, it inherits (most of) the features and bugs of rdfstore-js. So while I am very thankful to the author of rdfstore-js, I cannot personally guarantee the same industry-strength quality level of my other libraries such as N3.js, because I did not write and test the core module of this package.

Some day, I hope to implement a JavaScript SPARQL parser, but I don't know when or whether that will happen.