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Sparklet is a spark-line/graph pagelet for the BigPipe framework. It's highly customizable by simply extending and remixing the pagelet.


The sparklet module is released in the public npm registry and can be added to your package using:

npm install --save sparklet


'use strict';
var Sparklet = require('sparklet');

By default, the sparklet has no data to show. You need to extend the Sparklet instance and a fetch method which receives one argument which is a callback function.

var mysparklet = Sparklet.extend({
  fetch: function fetch(next) {
    asyncoperation(function (err, data) {
      next(err, data);

The data that you pass in the next function should be an array of objects. These objects should have a date and value key. By default we assume that you provide the date in a YYYY-MM-DD format. If your using a different format either change it using a .map operation on your array or change the format property on the pagelet:

  format: '%d-%m-%Y'

Anything that D3's time/date formatter accepts can be used here.