A customizable room bot.

#Sparkle Turntable Bot

A customizable bot written in node.js utilizing ttapi.

This bot is still relatively early in development, and some features are developed for/catered to the Indie/Classic Alt room, and may not apply to all rooms. Please report any bugs you find.

IMPORTANT: Did your bot break on April 24th? Make sure you update ttapi (by running npm update in your bot directory) and updating to 1.0b3 or higher of Sparkle Turntable Bot.

Check out the new Get Started guide over on the project's Wiki page for detailed installation instructions.

This bot is written in Node.JS and utilizes Alain Gilbert's Turntable API.

The bot can:

  • Respond to a set of commands in chat and through turntable's new PM system
  • Awesome songs based on various systems
  • Log vote, chat, song, and room events in the console
  • Report song stats in chat after each song
  • Welcome users to the room via chat and PM
  • Enforce room rules regarding song limits and timeouts before a person can DJ again
  • Log song statistics and chat entries in a MySQL database
  • Receive and respond to commands via a HTTP RESTful API
  • Receive and respond to instructions via TCP
  • Manage a waitlist/queue for a room

If you have a nontrivial question, feel free to contact me. I'm usually hanging out in the Indie/Classic Alt 1+Done room on Turntable.