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Route X10 events via Spacebrew


Route X10 events via Spacebrew

The CLI utility is a quick and easy way to connect X10 devices to the public Spacebrew admin interface.

$ npm i -g spacebrew-x10
$ spacebrew-x10 A 1 16
[_onOpen:Spacebrew] Spacebrew connection opened, client name is: X10 -> Spacebrew
Connecting House Code A - Units 1 to 16
Spacebrew Message: House Code A - 16 true
      X10 Message: ON
Spacebrew Message: House Code A - 16 false
      X10 Message: OFF
var sbx10 = require("spacebrew-x10");
// Connect to Spacebrew, passing an onOpen handler 
sbx10.connect(function () {
  // Add ranges by passing a House Code ("A" through "P") and lower & upper Unit Code bounds 
  sbx10.addRange("A", 1, 16);

And over in the Admin interface you'll see:

By default this will create a connection to the public Spacebrew Admin interface.

To connect to another server: sbx10.connect({ server: "http://localhost/" })

To use a different name and description: sbx10.connect({ name: "Bob", description: "Bob's X10 Disco" })

  • First release, woohoo!