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<a href="">PINF</a>/<a href="">CommonJS</a> JavaScript Program Bundler ====================================================================================

PINF/CommonJS JavaScript Program Bundler

Status: ALPHA

The Sourcemint JavaScript Program Bundler takes a program.json file and builds:

  • A static program bundle used to boot the application and
  • One or more dynamic load bundles.

Bundles are loadable using the Sourcemint JavaScript Loader on the following platforms:

Bundles may be generated from the command line or from with a NodeJS application.




npm install sourcemint-bundler

Bundle a program:

sourcemint-bundler --platform <platform> /path/to/program.json
sourcemint-bundler --platform browser ./examples/01-HelloWorld/program.json


  • Make bundler portable so it can run in any environment. Need to implement sourcemint/stdlib-js to use as file abstraction.