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sourcegate -- have any object you want

Give it an array of paths to json files, or js objects. They will be deep-merged, left to right, using lodash.merge.

var sg = require('sourcegate');
var merged = sg(['initialize.json', 'customize/config.json', {c: 3}])

Sourcegate takes a second argument with the following default options:

  root: process.cwd(),
  relative: true,
  merge: true,
  write: {
    path: '', // a file name or path is required to enable writing it 
    options: {},
    root: process.cwd(), // optional 
    relative: true // optional 
  async: false // always the case so far... 

If the root path is set, it can be relative (by default), or absolute.

Notice that merging is actually optional. That was added for the tests, though it could be useful elsewhere for simply loading files to memory.

The write is optional, enabled by write.path. The options are handed to node. The write.root and write.relative are same as the ones used for reading, unless they are explicitly made different.

Some day there may be an async implementation. Restated: this is made for gulp workflow beverage, and so far does not need async implementation. When it does, that would probably be promise-enabled.


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