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The source-map-merger is a CommonJS module, which allows the combination of multiple Source-Maps into one.

Think of scenario, where multiple processing steps are executed during your JavaScript build:

  1. Transpile your code to JavaScript (CoffeeScript, TypeScript)
  2. Dependency Resolution and packaging
  3. Minification

Each of those steps creates a Source-Map. But in the end you want a mapping from your minified code to your original code (Coffee-Script, TypeScript, ...).

In order to archive this a lot of tools, which change your code provide the possibility to provide an input Source-Map of the previous step. However not all of them do. That is where source-map-mergercomes into play.

You simply execute all the different processing steps independently and later on create a combined Source Map containing the mapping from your source to your target.


source-map-merger exports two functions called createMergedSourceMap and createMergedSourceMapFromFiles This functions take an array of Source Map objects or filepaths respectively. The order in which the maps need to be specified is from the start of the transformation process to the end. Imagine the above example created the SourceMap files, and In this case you simply execute the following code to merge all of them:

var SourceMapMerger = require("source-map-merger");

var mergedMap = SourceMapMerger.createMergedSourceMapFromFiles([

The return value of both functions is a string containing the newly generated map. If you use this Source Map in conjunction with your final build target it will automatically map back to your original target sources.

Ignoring Missing Statements

Occasionally, tools can produce incomplete, non-overlapping source maps, causing a token in the generated file to map to nothing in the source file. When this occurs, source-map-merger will throw an exception.

To ignore these missing source maps, simply specify an additional boolean:

var mergedMap = SourceMapMerger.createMergedSourceMapFromFiles([
], true /* Ignore missing statements */);


npm i source-map-merger

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