Generate a soundex index for a word.

Soundex (v0.1.0)

Install: npm install vidinfo

This project is Unlicensed. In other words, I don't care what you do with it. However, if you make something interesting, I would like to check it out.

Well, the wiki article probably says enough. Find it here.

   var Soundex = require('soundex');
   console.log('Euler: '+Soundex('Euler')+' - Ellery: '+Soundex('Ellery'));
   console.log('Hilbert: '+Soundex('Hilbert')+' - Heilbronn: '+Soundex('Heilbronn'));
   console.log('Lukasiewicz: '+Soundex('Lukasiewicz')+' - Lissajous: '+Soundex('Lissajous'));

   <script src="./soundex.js"></script>
      alert('Euler: '+Soundex('Euler')+' - Ellery: '+Soundex('Ellery'));
      alert('Hilbert: '+Soundex('Hilbert')+' - Heilbronn: '+Soundex('Heilbronn'));
      alert('Lukasiewicz: '+Soundex('Lukasiewicz')+' - Lissajous: '+Soundex('Lissajous'));