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Simple Web Audio API based reverb effect.

Based on by Nick Thompson.

Intended for use as a processor in soundbank, but it is compatible with any Web Audio API AudioNode set up.

Install via npm

$ npm install soundbank-reverb


var Reverb = require('soundbank-reverb')

var reverb = Reverb(audioContext)

Pass an instance of AudioContext to the constructor to create an AudioNode.

reverb.wet AudioParam

reverb.dry AudioParam

reverb.cutoff AudioParam

Defaults to 20000.

reverb.filterType (get/set)

Defaults to "lowpass".

Can be any of the filters types specified by BiquadFilterNode

reverb.time (get/set)

Impulse time in seconds. Defaults to 3.

reverb.decay (get/set)

reverb.reverse (get/set)

true or false. Defaults to false.


var Reverb = require('soundbank-reverb')
var audioContext = new AudioContext()
var reverb = Reverb(audioContext)
reverb.time = 1 //seconds 
reverb.wet.value = 0.8
reverb.dry.value = 1
reverb.filterType = 'lowpass'
reverb.cutoff.value = 4000 //Hz 
  var source = audioContext.createOscillator()
  source.type = 'sawtooth'
  source.stop(audioContext.currentTime + 0.5)
}, 2000)