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Sorting Algorithm Visualizations

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This library of utilities for visualizing sorting algorithms is intended for educational purposes. Using an object-oriented approach, each algorithm is implemented by extending the native Array object with an overriden Array#sort() generator function, for interruptable control-flow. This allows each fundamental step in the process to be displayed and facilitate learning through observation.


Currently, this does not implement all sorting algorithms, nor does it visualize operations on auxillary data structures within any of the implementations that are not in-place.

Please help to make this project even better by submitting pull-requests with additional algorithms or support for arbitrary visualizations of operations other than compare, swap, put, and key.

To Do

  • AbstractSortArray base classes for core functionality of interruptable sorting algorithms.
  • Support for generic, externally supplied compare and key methods.
  • Displays the state of the array at each step.
  • Displays the state of auxillary data structures at each step.
  • Support for arbitrary extensions to interruptable operations.


Via npm

$ npm i sort-viz

Via git

$ git clone
cd sort-viz
$ npm i # install dependencies 


Available on Heroku.


Available on gh-pages.


Available under the MIT License (c) 2017 Patrick Roberts