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Control your Sonos devices with JavaScript (node.js)

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node-sonos gives you the power to control all your Sonos devices from your own apps in JavaScript. Automatically discover your devices on the network and control the playback and queue with instant events announcing change.


  • Device Discovery
  • Queue Control
  • Volume Control
  • Spotify Support
  • Radio
  • Change Events


Published versions (reccomended)

$ npm install sonos

From the repo, living on the edge

$ npm install git://

Quick Start

Discovering Devices

const { DeviceDiscovery } = require('sonos')
// event on all found...
DeviceDiscovery((device) => {
  console.log('found device at ' +
  // mute every device...
    .then(`${} now muted`)
// find one device
DeviceDiscovery().once('DeviceAvailable', (device) => {
  console.log('found device at ' +
  // get topology

Controlling Known Devices

const { Sonos } = require('sonos')
const device = new Sonos('');
  .then(() => console.log('now playing'))
  .then((volume) => console.log(`current volume = ${volume}`))


  • DeviceDiscovery([options], [deviceAvailableListener])
  • Class: DeviceDiscovery([options])
    • Event: 'DeviceAvailable'
    • destroy()
  • Class: Sonos(host, [port])
    • currentTrack()
    • deviceDescription()
    • flush()
    • getCurrentState()
    • getLEDState()
    • getMusicLibrary(search, options)
    • getMuted()
    • getTopology()
    • getVolume()
    • getZoneAttrs()
    • getZoneInfo()
    • getQueue()
    • next()
    • parseDIDL(didl)
    • pause()
    • play(uri)
    • previous()
    • queue(uri, positionInQueue)
    • queueNext(uri)
    • request(endpoint, action, body, responseTag)
    • seek(seconds)
    • setLEDState(desiredState)
    • setMuted(muted)
    • setName(name)
    • getPlayMode()
    • setPlayMode(mode)
    • setVolume(volume)
    • stop()
    • setSpotifyRegion(region)
    • alarmClockService()
      • ListAlarms()
      • PatchAlarm(id,options)
      • SetAlarm(id,enabled)
    • joinGroup(otherDeviceName)
    • leaveGroup()
    • startListening(options)
    • stopListening()
    • Event: 'CurrentTrack'
    • Event: 'NextTrack'
    • Event: 'PlayState' and 'PlaybackStopped'
    • Event: 'AVTransport'
    • Event: 'Volume'
    • Event: 'Muted'
    • Event: 'RenderingControl'


We tried to add jsdoc info to all functions, and generate documentation from it. /docs


Additional examples can be found in the /examples directory within the repository.

In The Wild

node-sonos in use across the interwebs. Missing yours? Add it and send us a pull request!


  • AirSonos - Apple AirPlay (iOS, OS X) support to all Sonos devices on a network.
  • sonos-cli - Command Line Interface for Sonos
  • sonos2mqtt - Bridge between Sonos and an MQTT server
  • homebridge-zp - Homebridge plugin for Sonos ZonePlayer
  • ZenMusic - Control Sonos thru #Slack!
  • gladys-sonos - Control Sonos with Gladys a Raspberry Pi Home Assistant



  • Ben Evans (@bencevans)
  • Stephen Wan (@stephen)
  • Marshall T. Rose (@mrose17)
  • Stephan van Rooij (@svrooij)

And a big thanks to all you other contributors! Pull-requests are beautiful things.


If you got discovered an issue with this library, please check the issue-tracker. And create an issue if your problem isn't discovered by someone else. If you want to contribute something check out these 'help-wanted' issues.


Do you have a question about this library, we are glad to help you Ask Question. You can see all questions here

NPM publish

We try to react to all pull-requests, but if you think we don't respond in time, please don't create a 'sonos-by-xyz' or a 'node-sonos-by-xyz' package on NPM. This might lead to people installing the wrong version.

If you want to publish your own version, please do it as a user-scoped eg. @svrooij/sonos package.

  1. Change the top of the readme to state your specific changes.
  2. Change the name of the project to @npm_username/sonos
  3. Publish it to npm npm publish --access=public

Sonos v0.x

At 30 jan 2018 we released an promisified version of node-sonos. The old version can be found in the v0.x branch. It won't get any new features, but it might get security updates.


MIT © Ben Evans