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    Solidarity is an environment checker for project dependencies across multiple machines.

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    When the same exact code works on one machine but not another, Solidarity is the answer

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    Install the command globally OR use via node_modules. It's suggested you install your snapshot plugins in the same place.

    Note: Node.js version must be >= 7.6.0.

    # example of installing global with npm and react-native snapshot
    $ npm i -g solidarity solidarity-react-native
    # example of installing local with yarn and elixir snapshot (dev dependencies)
    $ yarn add solidarity solidarity-elixir --dev

    How do I use it?

    Using solidarity is easy! Run the following command to check the current project environment.

    $ solidarity

    This command looks for the .solidarity file in the working directory, and then runs a check of the containing rules against your environment. The command exit code is tied to the success of the solidarity check for testing frameworks.

    Write your Solidarity file by hand, or use a snapshot.

    How do I update it to my machine specs?

    Environment updates can be stored to solidarity quickly.

    $ solidarity snapshot

    The snapshot parameter will update the rules in the .solidarity file to the current system specs. By default a snapshot will be strict with the versions of everything detected. But, semantic versioning is supported.

    How do I create my first snapshot?

    If no .solidarity file is present, then solidarity snapshot prompts you to identify the technology your project depends on.

    $ solidarity snapshot
    No `.solidarity` file found for this project.  Would you like to create one? (Y/n)

    Custom rule-sets can be created by modifying the .solidarity file by hand, or by creating a solidarity plugin for a given technology. See documentation for how you can create your own.

    How do I update my snapshots?

    Given there is already a .solidarity file present, then you can run solidarity snapshot [rule]

    $ solidarity snapshot cli node

    Solidarity will follow up with aditional questions to help drill down your new snapshot rule.

    Cross Platform

    Solidarity works with Mac/Linux/Windows environments. CI tests all rules with each platform on every update.

    Using Solidarity for GitHub Reports

    Solidarity Reports You've already identified everything that's important to your project. So when anyone files bugs on your repo, they can just report using Solidarity!

    Just run solidarity report

    The resulting output is copy/paste markdown. If you're confused, here's the full blog post.

    Project Support

    Open Source

    Solidarity, as open source, is free to use and always will be ❤️. It's MIT Licensed and we'll always do our best to help and quickly answer issues. If you'd like to get a hold of us, join our community slack and look for the #solidarity room.


    Infinite Red offers premium Solidarity support and general mobile app design/development services. Email us at to get in touch with us for more details.

    Additional Info

    You can help!


    The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

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