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This package was ported to Solid from the react-top-loading-bar package made by Klendi Gocci


  • using npm
npm install --save solid-top-loading-bar
  • using yarn
yarn add solid-top-loading-bar
  • CDN


With ref

import LoadingBar, { LoadingBarRef } from "solid-top-loading-bar";

const App = () => {
  const [loadingBar, setLoadingBar] = createSignal<LoadingBarRef>()

  return (
      <LoadingBar color="#f11946" loadingBar={loadingBar()} setLoadingBar={setLoadingBar} />
      <button onClick={() => loadingBar()?.continuousStart()}>
        Start Continuous Loading Bar
      <button onClick={() => loadingBar()?.staticStart()}>
        Start Static Loading Bar
      <button onClick={() => loadingBar()?.complete()}>Complete</button>
      <br />

export default App;

With state

import { createSignal } from "solid";
import LoadingBar from "solid-top-loading-bar";

const App = () => {
  const [progress, setProgress] = createSignal(0);

  return (
        onLoaderFinished={() => setProgress(0)}
      <button onClick={() => setProgress((p) => p + 10)}>Add 10%</button>
      <button onClick={() => setProgress((p) => p + 20)}>Add 20%</button>
      <button onClick={() => setProgress(100)}>Complete</button>
      <br />

export default App;


Click here for demo

Built-in Methods

Methods Parameters Descriptions
add(value) Number Adds a value to the loading indicator.
decrease(value) Number Decreases a value to the loading indicator.
continuousStart(startingValue, refreshRate) Number (optional), Number(optional) Starts the loading indicator with a random starting value between 20-30, then repetitively after an refreshRate, increases it by a random value between 2-10. This continues until it reaches 90% of the indicator's width.
staticStart(startingValue) Number (optional) Starts the loading indicator with a random starting value between 30-50.
complete() Makes the loading indicator reach 100% of his width and then fade.


Property Type Default Description
progress Number 0 The progress/width indicator, progress prop varies from 0 to 100.
color String red The color of the loading bar, color take values like css property background: do, for example red, #000 rgb(255,0,0) etc.
shadow Boolean true Enables / Disables shadow underneath the loader.
height Number 2 The height of the loading bar in pixels.
background String 3 The loader parent background color.
style CSSProperties The style attribute to loader's div
containerStyle CSSProperties The style attribute to loader's container
shadowStyle CSSProperties The style attribute to loader's shadow
transitionTime Number 300 Fade transition time in miliseconds.
loaderSpeed Number 500 Loader transition speed in miliseconds.
waitingTime Number 1000 The delay we wait when bar reaches 100% before we proceed fading the loader out.
className String You can provide a class you'd like to add to the loading bar to add some styles to it
containerClassName String You can provide a class you'd like to add to the loading bar container to add some css styles
onLoaderFinished Function This is called when the loading bar completes, reaches 100% of his width.

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