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Solid Heroicons

⚠️ This is not an official implementation: All credits goes out to the Heroicons and Tailwind CSS team.

Heroicons integration for Solid with a twist.



$ npm install solid-heroicons
$ yarn add solid-heroicons
$ pnpm add solid-heroicons


You can import every icon from heroicons solid, outline, or solid-mini from solid-heroicons/solid, solid-heroicons/outline and solid-heroicons/solid-mini respectively. They are exported as camel case. Everything exported from those packages are just an object with the SVG path and a metadata to know whether it's been exported from the solid, outline or mini variant.

Those packages are generated automatically via a script from the heroicon repo.

You can import the Icon component helper from solid-heroicons. This is just a SVGElement wrapper that accepts any props a regular SVG would plus a special props path for the icon you want to load in.

By default the stroke | fill attribute of the SVG is set to currentColor which means you can give any color you want to the SVG by setting the css color attribute on SVG or any parent higher.

import { render } from "solid-js/dom";
import { Icon } from "solid-heroicons";
import { arrowLeft } from "solid-heroicons/solid";
import { arrowRight } from "solid-heroicons/outline";
import { arrowDown } from "solid-heroicons/solid-mini";

const App = () => (
    <Icon path={arrowLeft} style="width: 24px; color: blue" />
    <Icon path={arrowRight} style="width: 24px; color: green" />
    <Icon path={arrowDown} style="width: 20px; color: yellow" />

render(() => App, document.getElementById("app"));

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