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solid Build Status

make small, simple sites.


$ npm install solid

Hello world example:

require('solid') (app) ->
  app.get "/"-> "<b>Hello world!</b>"

That's it. No, really.

A bit more contrived example can be found here, where you can see some of what you can do in solid currently.

Using a template engine

Currently only SASS, jade, and HAML are supported.

# Inside ./ 
solid = require 'solid'
solid (app) ->
  app.get '/'->
    @jade 'index'
/ Inside ./views/index.jade
!!! 5
  body: p Hello world!


The app variable passed to your function is NOT an instance of Express. should give you the instance of Express should you want to modify something in Express directly.

Running tests

$ npm test

This will run solid's mocha tests.


Abi Raja for the idea and contributions.


(Ordered roughly in terms of priority)

  • Asynchronous request handlers (reading file, etc.)
  • CSS Reset
  • Other commonly used JS libraries other than jQuery
  • Logging with noise levels (should be low-priority, basic method/path console logging already exists)
  • Better 404 page (low priority)