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This is a library for using the SolarEdge Cloud API.

Supported Endpoints

  • Site List
  • Site Details
  • Site Data
  • Site Energy
  • Site Power
  • Site Overview
  • Site Power Flow

Not Supported Endpoints (yet)

  • Site Data: Bulk Version
  • Site Energy: Bulk Version
  • Site Energy - Time Period *
  • Site Energy - Time Period: Bulk Version
  • Site Energy - Detailed *
  • Site Power - Details *
  • Site Power: Bulk Version
  • Site Overview: Bulk Version
  • Storage Information *
  • Site Image
  • Site Environmental Benefits
  • Installer Logo Image
  • Components List
  • Inventory
  • Inverter Technical Data
  • Equipment Change Log
  • Account List API
  • Get Meters Data
  • Get Sensor List
  • Get Sensor Data
  • Current Version
  • Supported Version

*Highest Priority

Technical informations

Response Formats

At this time all responses are in JSON

Language and Time Encoding

  • Data is retrieved using UTF-8
  • Date and time formats are:
    • Date only: YYYY-MM-DD
    • Date and time: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss

JSONP Support

JSONP is not supported at this time

Usage Limitations

This library doesn't care about managing limitations. If you fire to many requests you will get a coresponding response status code.

Daily Limitation

  • 300 requests for each token
  • 300 requests for each site-id

Concurrency Limitation

  • 3 concurrent API calls from the same source ip

*Those limitations come from SolarEdge and not from this library

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