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A server side TELNET stream implementation for node. This is intended for use creating a MUSH.

Note: This module is now intended to work with node 0.10.x. The events and how you use it have all changed.


npm install sol-telnet


var net = require('net')
, TelnetServerProtocolStream = require('../index.js');

// Teset Server.
var net = require("net");
var server = net.createServer(function(sock){
	  var ts = new TelnetServerProtocolStream();


    // Every time you get a NULL LF you get a line. 
  ts.on('lineReceived', function(line){
    this.send("Ok there.." + line + "\n")

    // Resize your telnet window and this should change.
  ts.on('clientWindowChangedSize', function(width, height) {
    console.log("NAWS:", width, height);

    // Something odd...
    ts.on("unhandledCommand", function(data) {




Escapes and sends your data out the piped socket. You should not write out the socket directly.

ts.send('Your corpse splatters on the wall.');



This event is emitted when a line of text is sent to the server from the client.

ts.on('lineReceived', function(line) {
  // Parse the line here...

clientWindowChangedSize(width, height)

This event is emitted if the client supports NAWS and they resize their client.

ts.on('clientWindowChangedSize', function(width, height){
  // Window resized...


This event is emitted when the users client successfully enables the MCCP2 protocol. This protocol will gzip compress outgoing data sent from your server. Some game clients such as tintin++ support this.

ts.on('optionMCCP2Enabled', function(){
  // User is using compression. Give them a buff… :)


This event is emitted when the server gets a request for an unhandled command.

unknownSubNegotiation(options, bytes)

This event is emitted when the server gets a sub negotiation it does not know how to handle.