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Hi There! I am Sofy The Labrador.

I have been turned into a virtual assistant to assist your javascript related work.

Make your life easier by automating certain processes :-)


The preferred way to install this extension is through Composer.

To install Sofy, simply:

$ npm install sofy --save-dev

🚀 Usage

Step 1

Simply run the below cmd from your project root

$ sofy --create

This will create sofy.js file in your project root which looks like below

const files  = {};
const config = {};
module.exports = {
    files: files,
    config: config,

Step 2

Customize sofy.js based on your needs

Sample Config File

module.exports = {
    files: {
        // Single Compile Options
        'dir/your-file-source': {
            dist: 'path-to-save',
            rename: 'custom-file-name',
            bable: {
            // Your Custom Config For **Babel** 
            // Or Set True to use deafult config provided by Easy Gulp Tasker Plugin.
            // If not pass a custom string and use that string in the config array to build your own common config.
            watch:['file1','file2','file3'] // enter the files that are needed to be watched to trigger the above actions.
        // Multiple Compile Options
        'dir2/your-file-source': [
                dist: 'path-to-save',
                rename: 'custom-file-name',
                bable: true
                dist: 'path-to-save',
                rename: 'custom-file-name',
                bable: true,
                uglify: true
    config: {
        // Here you can write your custom config
        bable_custom_config1: {
            presets: [ '@babel/env' ],

Step 3

Run any of the below cmd to use this plugin

The below cmd will compile all the files are listed in the sofy.js

$ sofy --compile

The below cmd will trigger function to keep track of files changes and compiles the given file.

$ sofy --watch

Below cmd will create a basic Sofy Config File

$ sofy --create sofy ./

Below CMD will create a basic RollUP Config File

$ sofy --create rollup ./

Below CMD will create a basic .babelrc Config File

$ sofy --create bable ./

Below CMD will create a basic babeljs Config File

$ sofy --create babeljs ./

Below CMD will create a basic package.json Config File

$ sofy --create npm ./

Below CMD Will create all config files in the given location

$ sofy --create all ./

Builtin Tasks

Blow is a list of task / config options for each file object.


  • dist:'file-save-path' | Location On Where To Save The File.
  • rename:'custom-file-name' | Custom File Name To Save Compiled File
  • watch:['file1','file2','file3'] | An Array of files to keep an eye for change to trigger its tasks / provide a single file name / set it to true
  • concat:true | Please Refer To Gulp Concat
  • combine_files:true | Please Refer To Gulp Combine Files


  • scss:true | Converts SCSS Into CSS
  • minify:true | Minify Source.
  • autoprefixer:true | Autoprefix All CSS Properties.


  • webpack:true | Run's Webpack To Compile / Bundle a file
  • bable:true | Run's Babel To Convert EM6 => EM6
  • uglify:true | Minify JS Soure Code

📝 Changelog

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.


🤝 Contributing

If you would like to help, please take a look at the list of issues.

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📜 License & Conduct

📣 Feedback

  • ⭐ This repository if this project helped you! 😉
  • Create An 🔧 Issue if you need help / found a bug

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