js library for accessing a soda2 api

h1. soda-js "!!":

A client implementation of the Socrata Open Data API in Coffeescript and Javascript.

h2. supported operations

Currently, only the consumer API is supported. You can query a dataset by SODA2 clauses, or supply a custom SoQL query to be run.

h2. sample code

See the @sample/@ directory for sample code, but here's the general idea:

bc.. var soda = require('soda-js');

var consumer = new soda.Consumer('');

consumer.query() .withDataset('644b-gaut') .limit(5) .where({ namelast: 'SMITH' }) .order('namelast') .getRows() .on('success', function(rows) { console.log(rows); }) .on('error', function(error) { console.error(error); });

h2. license

provided under the mit license.