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A sockethub platform module implementing IRC functionality.

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This module contains all of the implementation details of an IRC client and is used as a sockethub platform.

Each sockethub platform uses JSON Activity Streams 2.0 which are recevied from and sent to clients, through the Sockethub service.

Object Formats

Connected to IRC:

  "@type": "announce",
  "context": "irc",
  "actor": {
    "@id": "irc://",
    "@type": "service"
  "published": "2015-05-20T22:32:06.212Z",
  "target": {
    "@id": "irc://",
    "@type": "person",
    "displayName": "Foobar McUser"
  "object": {
    "@type": "content",
    "content": {  


API docs can be found here