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This package has been deprecated

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this package has been deprecated, the client library is now provided as part of the sockethub package.


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Sockethub Client

This library handles all the nitty-gritty details of talking to your sockethub.

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sockethub-client is dual-licensed under either the MIT License or GPLv3 (at your choice).

Getting started

Include sockethub-client.js script:

  <script src="sockethub-client.js"></script> 

Create a client and wait for the "registered" event to fire:

var sockethubClient = SockethubClient.connect({
  host: 'localhost',
  register: {
    secret: '1234567890'
sockethubClient.on('registered', function() {
  // done!
  // you can start calling verbs now, such as...
  console.log('ping'); {
  }, function(response) {
    console.log('ping failed: ', response.message);

When using ssl, add a field ssl: true to the options in the sockethubClient.connect call.

You may also want to set up some error handlers:

sockethubClient.on('failed', function() {
  console.error("Connection to sockethub failed!");
sockethubClient.on('disconnected', function() {
  console.error("Sockethub got disconnected!");

for more information, see: Quickstart


Out of the box, SockethubClient implements these events:

  • connected - Fired once the WebSocket connection is established (i.e. socket.onopen has been called)
  • failed - Fired when the WebSocket connection failed to be established
  • disconnected - Fired when the WebSocket connection is closed (but it had been connected)
  • reconnecting - Fired when the WebSocket connection is closed, but configuration is set to reconnect (default)
  • message - Fired when the hub sends a message that isn't associated to a specific request.
  • unexpected-response - Fired when a response is received that carries a "rid" attribute, but that "rid" isn't known to us. This is an error case (and probably indicates a bug in the corresponding sockethub platform).
  • registered - Fired when register succeeds.
  • registration-failed - Fired when register fails.


The following properties are available for your use:

  • options - This is the options object that was passed to SockethubClient.connect.
  • connected - Boolean property reflecting the connection state of the socket.
  • registered - Boolean property. Initially false, set to the result of the register command once that returns.

Using sockethub-client with an AMD loader, such as RequireJS

Currently the AMD module and the simple client are separate code-bases. For more info on using Sockethub with AMD see the doc here: AMD

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