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Social Media Icons for React JS

React JS Package for easy creation and highly customizable Social Media Icons

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Example code

Below is an example of a minimal code setup

import React from 'react';
import  ReactDOM  from  'react-dom';
import {SocialMediaIconsReact} from 'social-media-icons-react';

ReactDOM.render(<SocialMediaIconsReact icon="twitter" url="https://twitter.com/your-twitter-handle"/>,	document.getElementById('root'));

Code Generation Editor

Try out our Easy Editor to Generate the Code "React or Native SVG" needed for your perfect Social Media Icon design

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Name Type Description Default Value
backgroundColor Hex/rgba Code Background Color for the icon Defaults to standard color for Icon defined using the 'icon' prop
borderColor Hex/rgba Code Border Color for the icon #FFF
borderWidth Number Border Width for the icon, value range from 0-5 0
borderStyle String Border Style for the icon, solid,dotted,dashed,double,groove,ridge,inset,outset solid
icon String Social Media Icon to use, see supported list below undefined
iconColor Hex/rgba Code Color for the icon #FFF
iconSize Number Size of Icon relative to Background, value range from 0-10 5
roundness Number Border Radius of the Icon, value range from 0-50 10
size Number Size of Icon Background in pixels, value range from 10-100 32
url String Url to go to when Icon is clicked #

Available Icons

500px, aboutme, amazon, android, angellist, apple, behance, bookmate, codepen, coub, delicious, deviantart, digg, dribbble, dropbox, ello, envato, etsy, etsy-short, evernote, facebook, favorite, flikr, foursquare, github, googledrive, googleplay, googleplus, instagram, jsfiddle, kickstarter, line, line-icon, linkedin, livejournal, mail, map, medium, messenger, ok, periscope, phone, photobucket, pinterest, pinterest-light, pocket, producthunt, quora, reddit, reddit-light, rss, send, send-light, shopify, sketch, skype, slack, slideshare, snapchat, stackoverflow, stumbleupon, swarm, tripadvisor, tumblr, twitter, upwork, viadeo, vimeo, vk, vscogrid, web, windows, wordpress, xing, yelp, youtube, youtube-play


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