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Social Logos

A repository of all the social logos used on

Each logo was pulled from the official branding resource of each service. Branding guidelines were adhered to as much as possible.

Some logos include an official alternate version, if it's provided by the guideline resource. Sometimes it is desirable to have a visually consistent row of icons, all enclosed with the same shape. If the guidelines permit it, then an alternate version was created with a 18dp square or 20dp circle.

For example, the Tumblr guidelines state that it's ok to enclose the logo in any shape, so there's an alternate logo with an 18dp square.

Official guideline resources:

Using the SocialLogo Component in your project:

Note that this component requires react to be installed in your project.

SocialLogo renders a single social-logo svg based on an icon prop. It takes a size property but defaults to 24px. For greater sharpness, the icons should only be shown at either 18px, 24px, 36px or 48px.

There's a gallery with all the available icons in

npm install social-logos --save


import SocialLogo from 'social-logos';
render() {
    return <SocialLogo icon="twitter" size={ 48 } />;


  • icon: String - the icon name.
  • size: Number - (default: 24) set the size of the icon.
  • onClick: Function - (optional) if you need a click callback.

Notes & Pixel Grid

SVGs were generated by the exporter-multi.jsx script.

The icon grid is based on Gridicons and adheres to the same rules. That is to say, the set is designed on a 24px base grid. That means logos will look their sharpest and crispest when SVGs are inserted with 24px width/height, or the icon font is used at font-size: 24px;.

Logos will also scale well to other sizes, like 18px (75% size), or 36px (150% size). Normally, using icon-sets outside of their pixelgrid is a surefire way to get fuzzy icons. This is also true in the case of this logo set, however unlike custom-designed icons, this is almost unavoidable in the case of logos. The problem is, every single logo is designed with its own dimensions. If we are to respect branding guidelines (which we should), no hinting or pixel-tuning is applied to any logo added to this set. Which means even at the base 24px size, logos could appear fuzzy and less than optimal. That is the way of the world, and a tradeoff between flexibility and respecting the original logo design on one hand, and pixel-perfect logos on the other hand.

So to summarize:

  • Do use Social Logos at 48px, 36px, 24px, 18px, 12px. Prioritize 24px or above if you can.
  • Try to avoid using Social logos at 16px, 17px, or any arbitrary pixel-size that's incompatible with the base 24px grid. For example, don't size the icon font in EMs.

Generate New Artifacts using Grunt


  1. Go to and press "Install". Follow instructions.
  2. Open a terminal. Change to your social-logo directory.
  3. Type npm install

Installing webfont dependencies

Additional system dependencies need to be installed to create a finer icon font. Follow the documentation found in


In the commandline, type npm run build. This will clean up, polish, and generate the following:

  • A folder called svg-min. This folder contains minimized SVGs of every Social Logo. These SVGs can be dragged directly into Sketch for mockups.
  • A folder called svg-sprite. This folder contains a single SVG sprite called social-logos.svg, which can be referenced using use. But this doesn't work in IE at all yet, eventually it will work in Edge and newer.
  • A folder called icon-font. This folder contains different icon font files and css files.
  • A folder called build. This folder contains the minified component and example that will be exported to npm

Do remember to update the React components where they are used, when you add a new icon.

Publishing to NPM

  • Follow install instructions
  • Check in changes if any and follow PR process.
  • Bump package version in package.json to the next desired version and add an alpha postfix 1.1.0-alpha.1
  • While testing changes publish using the next tag npm publish --tag next
  • If changes look good remove postfix in the version 1.1.0
  • Publish using the latest tag npm publish --tag latest


Social Logos is licensed under GNU General Public License v2 (or later).




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