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PuSH subscriber as Connect middleware

This module provides a PuSH (pubsubhubbub) subscriber. This is a object with methods for subscribing to, and unsubscribing from, topics on PuSH hubs.

The object gives you a middleware you can use with Connect or Express; provided you host it somewhere suitably accessible via HTTP, it will then accept HTTP updates from the hubs and emit them as events.

var subscriber = require('snrub')
  .createSubscriber({'host': ''});
var app = connect(subscriber.middleware());

subscriber.subscribe('', // hub
subscriber.on('subscribe', function(topic) {
  console.log("Subscribed to " + topic;)
subscriber.on('update', function(topic, content) {
  console.log("Content from " + topic);

app.listen(8000); // pretending we are on host

A demo is available at