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    🦀 Rust, WebAssembly, and Snowpack

    Bootstrapped with Create Snowpack App (CSA).

    Quick Start

    Ensure Rust is installed on your machine. For more information, check out the Rust docs.

    # Pull template into a working directory
    npx create-snowpack-app my-awesome-app --template snowpack-template-ts-rust-wasm --use-yarn
    # Install required Rust crates
    cd my-awesome-app
    cargo install cargo-watch wasm-pack
    # Manually build and test WebAssembly module
    yarn build:wasm && yarn test:wasm


    • Typescript Support
    • Building and testing Rust/WebAssembly modules
    • Uses snowpack-plugin-wasm-pack for HMR
    • Prettier for code linting and formatting

    Additional Resources (Rust/WebAssembly):

    Available Scripts

    yarn build:wasm

    Changes into Rust crate and builds WebAssembly into pkg/ and target/ directories.

    yarn test:wasm

    Executes Rust tests bound to the WebAssembly module. Configured to run in a node environment.

    Note: Modify the directories in the scripts above after creating your own crate.

    yarn start

    Runs the app in the development mode. Open http://localhost:8080 to view it in the browser.

    The page will reload if you make edits. You will also see any lint errors in the console.

    yarn build

    Builds a static copy of your site to the build/ folder. Your app is ready to be deployed!

    For the best production performance: Add a build bundler plugin like @snowpack/plugin-webpack or snowpack-plugin-rollup-bundle to your snowpack.config.mjs config file.

    Q: What about Eject?

    No eject needed! Snowpack guarantees zero lock-in, and CSA strives for the same.


    npm i snowpack-template-ts-rust-wasm

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