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    Web-ext snowpack plugin

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    Note: This is a pretty alpha version of the plugin and it's very likely that I have to do larger changes.

    Snowpack plugin to use web-ext for creating web extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

    The plugin is pretty similar to the Parcel.js plugin - many thanks to the creator.

    I'm not using Parcel as I had issues to setup CSS modules with Typescript. Then I've noticed that in latest Chrome or Firefox dynamic imports are directly supported and it should work with-out a bundler.

    How does it work?

    The plugin checks if there is a web-ext-config.js and a manifest.json in the root of the project. If it's missing it will generate these files. It also copies the manifest.json to the build directory. So we can use the Snowpack build directory for web-ext to load the extension.

    Development of the plugin

    • npm run build: Build the template
    • npm run deploy: Publish the template to npm

    How to use it in a project?

    Install it as dependency with npm install -D snowpack-plugin-web-ext and add it to your snowpack.config.js into the plugins with

    /** @type {import("snowpack").SnowpackUserConfig } */
    module.exports = {
      /* other config */
      plugins: [
        /* other plugins */

    We need to start the dev server with snowpack build --watch instead of snowpack dev as we have to generate the build directory for web-ext. Change the dev script in your package.json to snowpack build --watch

    Example app

    You can find an example with the plugin in the following repo




    npm i snowpack-plugin-web-ext

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