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This is a collection of stemmers for JSX/JS/AMD/Common.js.


This is a collection of stemmers for JSX/JS/AMD/Common.js.

Stemming is an important algorithm for implementing search engines. These code are genereated from famous stemming algorithm collection, Snowball and the result is completely compatible with it.

import "english-stemmer.jsx";
class _Main {
    static function main(argv : string[]) : void
        var stemmer = new EnglishStemmer();
        log stemmer.stemWord("baby"); // babi 
var FrenchStemmer = require('snowball-stemmer.jsx/dest/french-stemmer.common.js').FrenchStemmer;
// use snowball-stemmer.amd.js 
define(['german-stemmer.jsx'], function (germanstemmer) {
    var stemmer = new germanstemmer.GermanStemmer();
<script src="spanish-stemmer.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
window.onload = function () {
    var SpanishStemmer = JSX.require("lib/spanish-stemmer.js").SpanishStemmer;
    var stemmer = new SpanishStemmer();
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
window.onload = function () {
    var RussianStemmer = new RussianStemmer();
    var stemmer = new RussianStemmer();
$ npm install snowball-stemmer.jsx

If you want to use this library from other JSX project, install like the following:

$ npm install snowball-stemmer.jsx --save-dev

or add like these lines to your parent project's package.json:

   devDependencies: {
       "snowball-stemmer.jsx": "~0.2.0"
   peerDepenencies: {
       "snowball-stemmer.jsx": "~0.2.0"

And add node_modules/snowball-stemmer.jsx/src as a search path. You should add to peerDepenencies if your product is library.

This module provides following stemmers:

  • DanishStemmer
  • DutchStemmer
  • EnglishStemmer
  • FinnishStemmer
  • FrenchStemmer
  • GermanStemmer
  • HungarianStemmer
  • ItalianStemmer
  • NorwegianStemmer
  • PorterStemmer
  • PortugueseStemmer
  • RomanianStemmer
  • RussianStemmer
  • SpanishStemmer
  • SwedishStemmer
  • TurkishStemmer

Returns stemmed word.

Returns multiple stemmed words.

Don't be afraid JSX! If you have an experience of JavaScript, you can learn JSX quickly.

  • Static type system and unified class syntax.
  • All variables and methods belong to class.
  • JSX includes optimizer. You don't have to write tricky unreadalbe code for speed.
  • You can use almost all JavaScript API as you know. Some functions become static class functions. See reference.

To create development environment, call following command:

$ npm install
$ grunt test
$ grunt build
$ grunt doc


Complete license is written in