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    This is the index to Sniffypedia, which is hosted at as the GitHub pages branch of this same repository.

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    npm install sniffypedia

    Hello Sniffypedia

    Provide an identifier and any options to lookup against a URI.

    const sniffypedia = require('sniffypedia');
    let id = '004c'; // Bluetooth LE Company Identifier to look up
    let options = { protocol: "ble", type: "companyIdentifier" };
    let uri = sniffypedia.lookup(id, options);

    The output should be as 0x004c is Apple's Bluetooth-assigned company identifier.


    sniffypedia supports the following options for its lookup function:

    Property Default Description
    origin '' URI origin to which path is appended
    protocol null See Indexed URIs below
    type null See Indexed URIs below

    Indexed URIs

    The Sniffypedia index includes:

    protocol type Description
    null null Protocol-agnostic 128-bit UUIDs
    'ble' 'companyIdentifier' 16-bit Bluetooth-assigned Company Identifiers
    'ble' 'uuid16' 16-bit Bluetooth-assigned UUIDs for members

    Project History

    The sniffypedia project began in 2016 to associate wireless device identifiers with structured data about the products and organizations they represent, including links to websites, social media channels and images.

    In 2021, sniffypedia was redesigned and updated to v1.x to better reflect the best practices for coding of the time and to couple with advlib v1.x.

    sniffypedia v1.0.0 was released in April 2021, superseding all earlier versions, the latest of which remains available in the release-0.1 branch and as sniffypedia@0.1.22 on npm.


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    This Sniffypedia is made available under the Open Database License: Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International:


    npm i sniffypedia@1.0.1





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