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Developer-friendly modern JavaScript

Hardly W.I.P. now!

What's the Snark language?

Snark is a syntactic sugar language over modern JavaScript. It's goal is to leverage to use of modern JavaScript features by developer-friendly syntax.

It's main purpose it to compiled to JavaScript.

Yet-another-compile-to-js? Why even it needed?

JavaScript is a good language, but you can find lots of less-intuitive syntaxes from JavaScript. Almost all of them are result from JavaScript's historical mischoices, and they will not be fixed at all for the sake of backward compatibility.

Due to this reason, lots of languages are invented to solve this problem. But those languages, like ClojureScript or Elm, are not really a JavaScript. So they can't be a drop-in-replacement of JavaScript. Also using JS echosystem like npm with them is harder then it should be.

Modern JavaScript(a.k.a. ES2015 or latter) adds lots of features to solve such problems. But, of course, those shiny new features(like Map, Symbol, etc) are syntactically annoying to use be comparison with old-and-weridly-working syntaxes.

That's why Snark is made. Snark's syntax is almost 1-to-1 comparable with JavaScript, and it respect JavaScript's conventions so vanila-JS users can read Snark code with ease. And due to it's fantastic syntactic shortcuts, you'll never go back to vanilla JS once you've used it.


npm i snark

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