Recusively loads javascript pages and render then to plain html files


Simple 'javascript' crawler.

Version 0.1.1


Snapshooter is basicly a crawler, which will load a URL, wait the javascript to render, save it as plain HTML file and carry on until all hrefs are rendered.


Do not hesitate to open a feature request or a bug report.


Have fun. :)

npm install -g snapshooter

snapshooter [http://your_url] [output_folder]

A very tiny bit of integration is needed in order for it to effectively wait until all javascript opterations such as data loadings, template rendering etc.

Considering you have a Single Page Application I bet you have also some render method, and possibly another in and out too for handling transitions.

Well, the only matter here is to inform Snapshooter that the page has finish rendering. It's achieved by setting the property window.crawler.is_rendered.

window.crawler.is_rendered = true

Snapshooter will keep waiting for the page until this variable gets true and then the rendered DOM will be saved as a plain html file.

Download the repo and have fun, pull requests are more than welcome.

  git clone git://
  cd snapshooter
  npm link

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