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Snapscape it

scraping the web with node on request.

Use it.

var scrapper = require("snapscrape");
scrapper.scrape("", function(res, body){

cool beans

Add to it

//comes with a htmlparser 
scrapper.scrape("", function(res, body){
    // see googles javascripts 

Build for it

the middleware is very similiar to connects middleware

module.exports = function(response, body, next){

response is the response from the server your pulling from

body is the body from server, or aka the goods

next is a function called to pass payload to next middleware function or callback;

to come

probably hooking this into a promise system so that you can have nice errors;

var error = function(){
    console.log("you fail")
scrapper.scrape("FAIL", function(res, body){
}, err);

and test!