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📸 snap-tweet

Command-line tool to capture clean and simple tweet snapshots.

Light mode

Dark mode


  • 🎛 Adjustable width
  • 💅 Rounded corners & transparent background
  • 🌚 Dark mode
  • 🌐 Customizable locale
  • 🙅‍♀️ No "Share" & "Info" buttons
  • 💖 No watermark
  • 🔥 Snap multiple tweets at once

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🚀 Install

The only requirement is to have Google Chrome Browser.

npm i -g snap-tweet


Use npx to run without installation.

npx snap-tweet

🚦 Quick usage

Basic usage

By default, the tweet snap is opened in your default image viewer so you can decide whether to save or not.


Save to directory

Save the tweet snap to a specified directory using the --output-dir flag.

snap-tweet --output-dir ~/Desktop

Dark mode

Snap a tweet in dark mode using the --dark-mode flag.

snap-tweet --dark-mode

Custom width

Pass in a custom width for the tweet using the --width flag.

snap-tweet --width 900

Tweet with a 900px width


Pass in a different locale using the --locale flag.

snap-tweet --locale ja

Using the Japanese locale (ja)

Show Thread

Use the --show-thread flag to include the parent tweet in the screenshot.

snap-tweet --show-thread

Parent tweet inlcuded in the screenshot

Multiple tweets

Snap multiple tweets at once by passing in multiple tweet URLs.




  $ snap-tweet <...tweet urls>

  -o, --output-dir <path>  Tweet screenshot output directory
  -w, --width <width>      Width of tweet (default: 550)
  -t, --show-thread        Show tweet thread
  -d, --dark-mode          Show tweet in dark mode
  -l, --locale <locale>    Locale (default: en)
  -h, --help               Display this message
  -v, --version            Display version number

🏋️‍♀️ Motivation

It all started when I simply wanted to embed a couple tweets into a Google Doc...

Quick googling showed that there's no way to embed an actual tweet because Google Docs doesn't support HTML iframes or JavaScript. And I wasn't going to install a plugin just for some tweets.

I figured I could just take a screenshot of the tweet. But only to realize I would be spending way too much time cropping each tweet, and they still wouldn't be perfect because of the lack of transparency behind the rounded corners. And not to mention, the static screenshot would include buttons like "Copy link to Tweet" that looked actionable but actually weren't.

I found services like Screenshot Guru (and their Twitter Screenshots Chrome extension), Pikaso, etc. but none of them met my needs (low quality images, actionable buttons present, watermarks, etc.).

All I wanted to do was to embed the tweet like how it looks in the official embedder into a static environment. No sign up, no watermark, no BS... It shouldn't be this hard! 🤯

So of course, I spent a few hours developing a tool to save us all the headache 😇

(I know, this is some pretty crazy yak shaving. Checkout my other projects to see how deep I've gone.)

🙋‍♀️ Need help?

If you have a question about usage, ask on Discussions.

If you'd like to make a feature request or file a bug report, open an Issue.


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