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SNAILER Build Status


Frontend test and audit framework. Extensible with plugins.

Snailer is a web-crawler with support for plugins (via WebPipes) for testing and auditing websites.


Snailer is not a node.js module, it's a daemon and CLI for comprehensively testing and auditing the performance of web applications.


Global installation is highly recommended in order to gain access to the CLI and plugins.

$ npm [-g] install snailer

Example Plugins

  • Average, mean, median, max page size
  • Response time
  • Number of asset hosts
  • Assets on CDN?
  • Assets Cacheable?
  • Mobile Cacheable?
  • Selector Caching
  • Cache Function Pointers (e.g.)
  • Do certain page vars/selectors exist?
  • Are certain assets present?
  • Status codes
  • Certain DOM elements present? disqus?
  • Retina assets?
  • Scan for spelling mistakes/grammar
  • Scan for injections, or vulnerabites.
  • Forms without CSRF
  • YSlow stats
  • Find dead CSS
  • Find dead JS (based on selector)
  • Determine if certain "dead" marketing-speak isn't supposed to appear.
  • Find candidates for sprites ([](via SpriteMe]))