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A set of functions that maps to the entire list of the W3C DOM elements. Each function returns a snabbdom object.

Here's how you use it (patch and vdom comes from snabbdom):

import {article} from "snabbdom-helpers"
import {h1} from "snabbdom-helpers"
import {p} from "snabbdom-helpers"
// ... snabbdom setup ... 
const newVirtualDom = article({
  data: {id: "1"},
  content: [
      style: {color: "blue"},
      content: "Hello"
    p({selector: ".red.body", content: "World!"})
patch(vdom, newVirtualDom)

It should output (minus white-spacing):

<article data-id="1">
  <h1 style="color: blue;">Hello</h1>
  <p class="red body">


To install just grab from npm:

$ npm install --save snabbdom-helpers

Add it into your project (with require() and import ... from "snabbdom-helpers").


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