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Node SMTP-Test

CLI tool for testing SMTP over Telnet.

smtp-test is a very crude testing tool to save the hassle of using Telnet or Netcat manually.

To install the tool run npm install -g smtp-test.

Running test

The tool makes available the smtptest command and requires a test file as the first parameter.

e.g. smtptest localmail.test.json

To generate a sample test file simply run smtptest -c filename.json

The test file format is as follows:

  "server": "localhost",
  "port": 3000,
  "from": "user@localhost",
  "to": "",
  "data": "Hello from smtp-test..!",
  "header": {
    "From": "user@localhost",
    "To": "",
    "Reply-To": "user@localhost",
    "Date": "2013-02-13T23:06:14.507Z",
    "Subject": "SMTP Test",
    "Content-Type": "plain/text"

*Additional headers can also be specified.


The .json test file is simply being included with the standard require method, so you could also use a .js or .coffee file to include dynamic parameters like new Date() for the date header.