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A simple dependency-free JavaScript smooth scroll helper. Enables scrolling between any DOM elements, including within positioned and specifically styled elements. React friendly!


  • Vanilla JS - Performs a smooth scroll example on the document.body.
  • React - Performs a smooth scroll between three elements within an absolute element of fixed height.


  • Via NPM: npm install smooth-jumper --save.

  • Or use the lib/smooth-jumper.min.js file as an external script. Usage:

    smoothJump(containerEl, targetEl, options = {});

  • Exports a single function with 3 arguments:

    1. The DOM container element
    2. The DOM target element
    3. Options - JS Object (options listed below)


  • 'easing' for easing types: ease-in-out, ease-in-cubic, in-out-quint
  • 'duration': Integer (in milliseconds; default is 500ms)
  • 'offset': Integer (in pixels; default is 0)

Building, useful commands

  • npm run dev - Entry route is src/examples/index.js. This loads the React app with Hot Module Replacement (hot reloading).
  • npm run build - Builds the NPM production version smooth-jumper.js in the lib directory.
  • npm run build:min - Builds the minified production version smooth-jumper.min.js in the lib directory.
  • npm run build:examples - Builds the static JavaScript and SCSS files. The following files are created in the * examples directory: bundle.js and style.css.
  • npm run lint - Runs an ES lint to check everything's nice and tidy.