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    Smooth Corners

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    Superellipse masks using the CSS Houdini API

    Static demo of Smooth Corners


    Live demo featuring several different --smooth-corners values and an interactive editor


    To avoid leaking visited sites, the CSS Paint API is disabled on Chromium-based browsers for <a> elements with an href attribute and all children of that element. For further details see the following:

    To work around this limitation, mask-image: paint(smooth-corners) can be applied to the parent element of the <a> element, for example:

    <div style='mask-image: paint(smooth-corners)'>
      <a href=''>Smooth Corners</a>



    Add mask-image: paint(smooth-corners) to the elements you want to mask

    Default (Squircle)

    .squircle {
      mask-image: paint(smooth-corners);
      -webkit-mask-image: paint(smooth-corners);
      background: #d01257; /* So you can see it */

    Customise Curvature

    You can customise the mask curvature by using a CSS variable. This can be scoped locally to the selector or defined globally in :root {}

    --smooth-corners: X[, Y]

    • X - Float, Curvature of the X axis
    • Y - Float, Curvature of the Y axis (optional, defaults to X axis)
    Shapes by X value
    • 0.6 - Astroid
    • < 1 - Concave rhombus
    • = 1 - Rhombus
    • > 1 and < 2 - Convex rhombus
    • = 2 - Circle
    • > 2 - Rounded rectangles
    • 2.6 - KakaoTalk profile icon
    • 4.0 - Squircle
    • 5.0 - iOS app icon
    .mask {
      --smooth-corners: 3;
      mask-image: paint(smooth-corners);
      -webkit-mask-image: paint(smooth-corners);
      background: #d01257; /* So you can see it */

    Registering the Paint Worklet

    Register the Paint Worklet to the distributed path of paint.js.

    Register with a CDN (preferred)

    Use any CDN that serves packages from the NPM registry, for example:

      if (CSS && 'paintWorklet' in CSS) CSS.paintWorklet.addModule('')

    Register with a file path

    Download paint.js or install with npm install smooth-corners

    // src/assets/paint.js
    import 'smooth-corners' // ES Modules
    // src/assets/paint.js
    require('smooth-corners') // CommonJS

    Like Web Workers, the Paint Worklet API requests the module path in the browser during runtime and must be a seperate entryfile. This is not the path to the source code location.

      if (CSS && 'paintWorklet' in CSS) CSS.paintWorklet.addModule('/assets/paint.js')


    2 examples: A rounded pink square and a pink squircle


    npm i smooth-corners

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