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Smoke will be a JS build tool that will replace Interleave. A lot has been learned over the last six months and it's time to start with a clean slate and create a tool that make it a breeze to build re-usable, tested JS for as many environments as possible.

CURRENT STATUS: Call for Issues

You know best what you need in a build tool. I only know what I need. To make sure what is developed meets the broadest possible requirements please log issues and engage in discussion.

Use Grunt

After working with the Grunt API and successfully integrating Rigger with grunt (via the grunt-rigger plugin) it's highly unlikely that I'm going to put any effort into building yet another build tool. Grunt will likely to exactly what you need, and it's got some great features already baked in that make it a whole pile of JS build yumminess. You should definitely try it out!

General Design Goals

  1. Very Stream centric.
  2. Pluggable API
  3. Do as little as possible in the core, with composition through streams (1) and an API (2) this should be absolutely fine.

Component Pieces

Some of the component pieces required to build smoke have already been built:

  1. Rigger - Include files in other files
  2. StreamClean - Remove or change lines in a stream
  3. Pipeline or event-stream - useful helpers for combining streams, and in event event-stream's case nice helpers for making an async function slot into a piped stream simply.
  4. jshint
  5. UglifyJS




npm i smoke

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