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SVG animation supporting IE10+ and <noscript>.

Unfortunately, Internet Explorer does not support SVG animation (SMIL). Other solutions like FakeSmile use JavaScript to recreate the animation. Not only does this close doors to users with JavaScript disabled, it requires an extra download and performs slower than CSS animations. This utility converts SMIL to CSS and works in any Internet Explorer version that supports CSS' animation (IE10+).

Note: Currently, only frame-by-frame animations are converted. read more

Getting Started

This plugin requires NodeJS ~0.10. There're two ways to use it:

Command-Line Usage

To install, type this at the command line:

npm install smil2css -g

After that, check out the help for available options:

smil2css -?

Programmatic API

To install, type this at the command line:

npm install smil2css --save-dev

After that, it can be used as a function for single-use or as a class for multiple conversions.

Upon successful conversion, a String will be returned. If an issue is encountered, false will be returned.

Single Instance

var result = smil2css.convert(svgString, options);
if (result)

Reusable Instances

var smil2css = require("smil2css");
var instance = new smil2css(options);
var result1 = instance.convert(svgString1);
var result2 = instance.convert(svgString2, customOptions);
var result3 = instance.convert(svgString3);

Roadmap Features

  • More animation attributes than just display,visibility
  • Convert from and to to keyTimes
  • Nested <svg> elements
  • and some possibly impossible features:
    • <animatecolor>,<animatemotion>,<animatetransform>,<mpath>,<set> elements
    • Unmatching begin attribute values among sibling animation elements
    • Unmatching repeatCount attribute values among sibling animation elements

Release History

  • 0.1.0 initial release

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