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    Smashing Dev Tool

    This is a WIP CLI for Smashing Boxes, focusing on frontend tooling and automation. By following the conventions this tool is built on, you can instantly add front end tooling and dev ops goodness to any Smashing project. Tell smasher which asset types you want to include in your Smashfile and it will build a data model of your source code that can be manipulated and queried by other modules.


    Installation (Alpha Instructions)

    For now, the easiest way to use this tool is via npm link. Eventually it will be installable via the public NPM registry.

    First clone this repository somewhere on your machine, cd to that directory and run npm link:

      $ git clone
      $ cd smashing-dev-tool
      $ npm link

    This will make the contents of the folder available as a globally installed NPM plugin. Running git pull in this directory will update the tool.

    The smash command should now be available globally.

    Example Smashfile

        module.exports = 
          # file types to be compiled/built 
          assets: [
          # override default directory conventions 
            client: 'WebContent'
            server: 'src'

    Available Commands

    • smash compile: compile the project source into unoptimized HTML, JS and CSS ready for the browser
    • smash serve: run a BrowserSync-based development server and re-compile on file changes
    • smash build: build the compiled source into a minified, otpimized set of files for deployment
    • smash docs: generate a static documentation site for this codebase
    • smash clean: remove all generated files (/compile, /build, /docs)


    • Compile and build source code (replaces Rails Asset Pipeline)
    • Automated testing of source code (unit, e2e)
    • Documentation generation from source (via Groc)
    • Project generation and scaffolding (a la Yeoman)
    • Component guide generation
    • API mocking, test data generation
    • UI/UX deliverables generated from source code (style tiles, etc.)
    • Provisioning of dev resources (DigitalOcean, GitHub, AWS)




    npm i smasher

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